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Uni-Pac Universal Packaging System

A quality cabinet, engineered for versatility and value, at an affordable price. 
Available in more than 360 off-the-shelf sizes and three different side styles - Standard, Handle and Rack.

The Uni-Pac is constructed with .063 aluminum tops & bottoms and fronts & rears and with .125 aluminum sides, includes four adhesive rubber feet.

The top, bottom and sides are finished in textured blue (Federal Spec. No. 595A-25109). The front and rear panels are finished in semi-gloss white (Federal Spec. No. 595A-27722). Also available in semi-gloss black, black textured or plain aluminum.

Precision manufacturing throughout provides unmatched ease of assembly and disassembly. All parts are easily removable for access to components.

Uni-Pac component parts, being interchangeable, are packaged in pairs (front and back panel, top and bottom panel, side panels) and are available in single units.

To construct a complete cabinet you'll need a front and back panel package, a top and bottom panel package, and a side pair package.

Order by height, width and depth. Always specify side type (Standard side "S", Handle side "H", Rack side "R").


When ordering a 5 x 4 x 9 enclosure with Standard Sides, designate UPS-525-4-9.

UPS Cabinet with Standard Sides Blue and White Finish


UPH Cabinet with Handle Sides


UPR Cabinet with Rack SidesWith Front Mount (FMR Optional)and Optional Vented Top


Optional top and/or bottom panels vented with slots. 

Optional chassis available for all sizes, mounts come in pairs and in three different heights: 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch, and 2 inch.


Please select a side style:

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